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Migrating to Microsoft CSP from an Enterprise Agreement

Consider the below factors and talk to an GetTech Microsoft licensing specialist before deciding.

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Considerations of Migrating to CSP

You might consider using CSP to augment your licensing portfolio, letting you to get more out of your Microsoft licenses and investments in the cloud. It can be a viable option for your organisation.

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement may still be the best choice if you have over 2400 employees, and the way your IT infrastructure is designed may require standard licensing terms and conditions that you get through EA

If you are evaluating a full or partial switch from an Enterprise Agreement to a Microsoft Customer Agreement, here are a few things you should think about:

  • What are the differences between licensing through CSP and Microsoft Enterprise Agreement?
  • Do the new rules match how you use Microsoft licences in your company?
  • Will you lose the discounts you get through EA?
  • How will you be invoiced?
  • Do you want to commit to one or three years, be flexible and pay 20% more, or mix-and-match flexible and long-term licenses?
  • How does CSP benefit your business growth, digital transformation and cloud migration?
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