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June 5, 2024

Webinar: How to manage Healthcare data in Azure

We will highlight how you can use Azure services to manage Healthcare data, FHIR, DICOM.

May 29, 2024

Webinar: B2B Integration with Azure LogicApp

We will highlight how you can build up a B2B integration without painful infrastructure deployment and pay only for what you use.


Our Services for cloud success

More and more organizations are planning their migration to the cloud. While the expected benefits are well known, much less organizations achieve them. Simply because cloud migrations are too damn complicated.

Azure Cloud Adoption

Your organization's cloud adoption effort should support long-term strategic goals for your cloud journey. We have cloud adoption guidance for different scenarios including hybrid and multicloud, modern application platforms, data platforms, retail, defense, healthcare and more.

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DevOps Engineering

We use Agile and DevOps practices to build a high-quality product, solution and help you to grow your business. We can train your teams to use these methodologies and to achieve instant competitive advantage in your product delivery.

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Data & AI Engineering

Transform your data into a competitive advantage. We can assist in developing reporting, analytics, and automation solutions tailored to your specific needs, leveraging the full potential of your data. By harnessing the power of Data and AI, we empower you to uncover insights, predict trends, and make informed decisions, turning your data into a valuable asset for strategic advantage.

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Security Engineering

Security and compliance help protect company data and build customer trust. Following laws avoids fines and shows commitment to privacy. Strong security defends against cyber threats and data breaches. Measures are needed to prevent internal risks and keep operations smooth. These practices are crucial for a company's reputation and growth.

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Software Engineering

Choose our software development and consulting services for your unique needs that ensure superior quality and innovation. Our team specializes in creating custom software, products, and solutions tailored specifically to meet your business requirements. Trust us to transform your vision into reality with precision, efficiency, and excellence.

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M365 Modern Workplace

With our extensive experience in Microsoft 365 Cloud platform, we will guide you to select the options that best meet your needs in this complex landscape. We assist you in maximizing the value of your investment while preventing business disruptions and offer support in migration and provide long-term management to ensure your infrastructure remains efficient and up-to-date.

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Microsoft CSP Licensing

CSP is a licensing agreement that Microsoft introduced in 2015 to allow you to procure Microsoft cloud services and software licenses directly from Microsoft partners, who often bundle them with their services. That was the core idea, so you don't simply buy licenses and cloud – you purchase tailored IT services with licenses included.

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Learn more about cloud migrations

The migration to the cloud involves the process of transferring data, applications, and other business elements from an organization's on-premise infrastructure to the cloud platform.


We are a trusted Microsoft Solution Partner.

We are proud of our engineering team who have achieved the Microsoft Solution Partner certification. These achievements are coming from successful projects and a well experienced cloud architect team.

Microsoft Solutions Partner - Digital & App Innovation Azure
Microsoft Solutions Partner - Data & AI Azure
Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate
Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate
Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate
Microsoft Certified Devops Engineer Expert
Microsoft Certified Azure Network Engineer Associate
Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate
Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer Associate
Microsoft Certified Azure Database Administrator Associate
Github Actions
Github Admin

Certified Github Partner

Our engineering team holds GitHub certifications, underscoring our expertise. We have a history of successful DevOps projects where GitHub allows for enhanced collaboration and version control, providing a seamless way for teams to work together on projects

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