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Péter Bögi

Cloud Software Engineer

Passionate Cloud Software Egineer


Attila Érsek

Cloud Architect

Cloud-native, micro-services software architect. I specialize in crafting scalable, highly available distributed architectures using cloud-native platform services, Kubernetes and service meshes.


István Kovács

Cloud Architect

Experienced IT Architect with over 17 years IT experience in various business sectors and IT areas with extensive experience in Microsoft software, project and people management.


János Körömi

Cloud Software Engineer

Passionate Cloud Software Developer who's driven by the desire to face new challenges every day.


Mónika Farkas-Herbel

HR & Finance Manager

Coordinating the HR and Finance


Péter Herbel

CEO | Lead Cloud Architect

Cloud and DevOps expert. Enthusiast of Cloud Distributed Systems and High performance application.


Zoltán Morvai

Cloud Architect

Cloud application development, DevOps and data expert with 10+ years industry experience.

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We love to share experiences for the community.

We are enthusiastic about attending conferences and meetups as a speaker or just listening. We love to share our thoughts and experiences with the community and collaborate on new technology problems.


At conferences, you can meet with the most inspirational people.


At conferences, you can meet with the most inspirational people.

Blog posts

You can learn a lot if you want to describe your thoughts in the blog post.

The principles that guide us.

We love to work in way that allows us to delivery most value to our clients.


GetTech’s goal is to establish long-term partnerships rather than working as a one-time project company. We are proud of the high availability of distributed systems we have built and have been running in the cloud, but also of the added value provided by our consulting services. We constantly challenge assumptions, often using disciplined prioritization to build the right features at the right time. Our team will work closely with client organizations, identifying areas of opportunity to accelerate development into the future. We aim to provide rapid and continuous delivery of highly scalable software, optimized for cloud deployment.

Value-Driven Delivery

We apply a growth mindset from the beginning. We are able to identify our customers' business hypotheses and implement experiments to prove their concept. We measure all metrics and use monitoring and telemetry to gather evidence in production environment and observe results in real time. These experiences become opportunities to fail fast or gather validated learning quickly from the experiment. We delivery your solution on a value-driven basis and always make decision based on the data.


GetTech believes in “all-inclusive transparency”. Our clients have complete visibility into, and immediate ownership of all work in progress. Our suite of project tools documents and communicates product conversations, design iterations, story evolution and of course, source code – all in a portable, maintainable and extensible manner. Our open and collaborative approach ensures that clients are able to engage with full confidence, know in real time what our team is working on, and can monitor the overall health of the project.

Team Strength

GetTech's squads apply agile practices and include operations in the team responsibilities. Teams work in small batches, focus on improving the end-to-end delivery of customer value, and strive to eliminate waste and impediments along the way. This allows the team to focus solely on clients’ goals, internalizing a product vision, and taking pride and ownership in their work. There are no silos and there's no blame game as the team is mutually accountable.


Our engineering squads have successfully built complex cloud systems multiple times and are able to react to changing requirements. We are able to identify issues quickly and adjust in real-time to ensure we are effectively tracking projects and meeting expectations, while continuing to deliver value. We typically work in two-week development sprints in close collaboration with our clients.


We don't have a Development and Operations team. We run multidisciplinary squads, who work autonomously and accept collective accountability for how our costumers experience their software and services. We use the latest processes, tools, and frameworks, injecting DevOps DNA into each project. For us, there’s no place like production. Our team is fully accountable for design, development, delivery, security, operations, business value. Everything we do is about making our clients’ live experience better.

"DevOps is the union of people, processes, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users."
Donovan Brown