How We Work

DevOps is built into GetTech’s DNA.

We help progressive organizations adopt modern processes by providing executive-level guidance, transforming stuck cultures, continuously delivering quality software and value. We were DevOps pioneers and cloud experts before it was cool, and built cloud-native apps when the phrase wasn't even coined yet.

Our Execution Model

Process for success

The purpose of cloud product development is to accelerate digital transformation for our clients and improve the experience of users. The powerful combination of shorter development cycles and prioritized user feedback drives product value.

GetTech puts together accountable, passionate, cross-functional teams that work hand in hand with product owners to stay focused, move fast and build better.

Our Team

DevOps culture

There are no silos and there's no blame game, because the team is mutually accountable.

GetTech's squads apply agile DevOps practices and include operations and security in the team responsibilities. Teams work in small batches, focus on improving the end-to-end delivery of customer value, and strive to eliminate waste and impediments along the way.

This allows the team to focus solely on client goals, internalizing a product vision, and taking pride and ownership in their work.

Our Technology

Pioneer tools and technologies

GetTech has always been pioneer of building software and deploying world class cloud technologies. Today that means designing software specifically for the cloud, rather than running a traditional software stack on “someone else’s computers”.

We move our clients beyond “lift and shift” by architecting (and re-architecting) their software to fully leverage cloud deployment.

Big no longer eats small — fast eats slow. Our clients are moving faster than ever thanks to containerization, dynamic orchestration, microservices, and continuous delivery.

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Clean code
Cloud architecture design patterns
12 factor app
Distributed system patterns
Pair programming